California Central Valley V 1 Beta FS17

Danjelmc and all great moder like CBJ Midwest Modding

Beta Tester wanted. After 3 months of construction, as well as full-time work and evening studies, my map is not yet finished but has reached the beta test status. So I would be very glad that you test the map and give me your feedback on what I should improve in the V2.

For questions I am available.

Planned for the future:
. Better integrate forestry
. New industries such as mining and construction
. And of course your opinions

The map is based as in the FS15 in California, but was rebuilt from the ground up. As in real California, one of the main focal points is dairy farming.
Lots of fun and happy tractor driving

About this mod:

We are happy to introduce you to Farming Simulator 2017 Mods. We have been waiting for them quite impatiently! It’s wonderful how a game can be upgraded in an individual way. If you are interested, what would it be like to play with mods, push FS17 Mods download button and see yourself. We are sure that you will have much more fun and increase your score! What else could a player want?

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2 Responses

  1. schine says:

    Amazing map man BUT It needs alot of work HOP you can get it out of beta

    many thanks there are still people floating and some roads

  2. Smoky says:

    Tip triggers are not working for the silage silo’s plateaus, map help icons are on the wrong place.
    some fields are not recognized as field (by courseplay) the height of the shed to dump grain in at marry farm is to low cant tip a wagon up it will get stuck. awesome map i hope you get i fixed

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